Rocky Mountain Rangers

A labour of love brought to life by the vision of Ayesha Clough, who managed to wrangle a group of Alberta creatives to make a book that her lil' pardner Dekkie would be proud of.

Based on the song, 'Government Cowboy' by The Wardens, this book takes kids on patrol with three real-life National Park Wardens in the beautiful backcountry of the Rockies in Alberta and British Columbia.

Ray, Scott and Bradley have spent their careers protecting Canada's precious national parks. They’ve wrangled grizzlies, rescued hikers, and ridden up and down the trails with their horses.

The illustrations are based on photos of the Wardens at work in the mountain national parks. Each image is hand-carved, then printed traditionally with ink and paper, then scanned and digitally colourized.

Gilles Mossière, an MRU professor, translated the cowboy poetry into French.

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