I grew up in the Okanagan Valley and loved the security of the surrounding hills and mountains. My first trips to the prairies came with this overwhelming feeling of exposure, like the whole world could see you. The skies were massive and moody and watching the rolling flatlands nearly always made me fall asleep in the car. Now, that I find myself settled in the prairies I have a new appreciation for these pastoral landscapes.

This is the first in a series that I have created to pay tribute to my grandfather Julian Winnicki, who had long before me, recognized the richness of the prairies and from its soil reaped a full life for his family. He crafted these wooden grain elevators as a nod to his home province and livelihood – often mounting hardware for spoons and key collections, an ever-practical man. Knowing I would make use of them when he was gone, he willed then to me. Whenever I feel stuck, I work on this series; his energy motivates me to tell our stories.

22" / 10.5" / 3.25"

Photography: Cedna Photography


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