The last few years have been about searching, finding new bearings. With motherhood came an unexpected amount of uncertainty, anxiety, and chaos but also an omnipotent love that brought me to my knees. I felt at the mercy of this new current. In this piece, I was muddling my way through without any defined sense of purpose. I needed a more appropriate visual language to decode my experience, as previous ones no longer translated. There was less of a desire to create literal imagery and I was deeply attracted to a more thoughtless awareness. It was about documenting the passage of time, expressing grief and frustration through mark making, and including mundane artefacts that had become landmarks to my day-to-day life. This pivotal exploration piece helped me become more comfortable with the ambiguity of my current state and to just trust in the pull of the polestar.

33" / 27.5" / 2.5"

Photography: Cedna Photography


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