Anne, a dear friend and fellow artist, commissioned me to create four pieces to represent their worldly travels as a family. She showed me photos and told incredible stories, as only she can, about their experiences in Holland, England, France and Canada. I started to thread her description with my own research to form visual representations of each country: the long wandering canals and tulip fields of Holland, the aerial rosette formed by the streets of the streets of Paris at night, the organized architectural blocks of London connected by the Thames and finally the craggy glacial capped Rockies of Canada surrounded by the wild. The topographical ‘skins’ of the lands. On top of which – her family, fluttering... a butterfly effect. The family’s old passports, cut into butterflies and embedded in each of the pieces represent every life they touched with their presence and whose presence will forever alter the lives of everyone they touched.

“ I knew the power of a single wish, after all. Invisible and inevitable, like a butterfly that beats its wings in one corner of the globe and with that single action, changes weather halfway across the world. “ ~Alice Hoffman: The Ice Queen ~


A special treat: I always look forward to visits with Anne-Laure, she helps me unravel my process and add clarity to my thoughts. Over her recent visit I was able to return the favor and help her learn more about ArtResin ( to use for one of her upcoming projects, which I guarantee will be worth keep an eye out for (

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Anne's photo of me completing the final ArtResin pour on her pieces.