Pink Spot Studios

What we do?

Pink Spot Studios is a boutique design and illustration company that realizes the full potential of start-up businesses, niche brands and artistic ventures. We deliver creative and affordable branding, design, and marketing materials for people who are ready to share their passion with the world.

What is with that name?

I would like to say that when I opened my business 18 years ago that I had a calculated, conceptual rationale for my brand… but in truth, it was lovingly sketched on a napkin at the Ship & Anchor. Regardless of its immature beginnings, Pink Spot has grown up with me and I'm attached to it. Many of my client's ideas begin in much the same way, as a dream on a napkin, and it is my job to help them communicate their unique vision.

Living 'in-the-pink'

Design, for me, is finding the sweet spot where creativity meets practicality and innovation. Exploring new business models, art forms, and technology allows us to fall in love with 'our job' over and over again.

Studio(s)... Why plural?

Every client and project is unique and often needs a custom-tailored team to execute the vision. We are a collaborative studio that brings in the right talent, for the right project with the right budget.


I am an intuitive, hand-talking artist. You can find me in cluttered thrift stores, sparking joy.

Artist Statement

I love oddly beautiful things: stuff with soul.

Since the births of my children, time and memory have become more significant to me. I am increasingly concerned with forgetting or losing things of importance. This new phase has also brought with it the opportunity to explore more personal work that explores the natural rhythms and patterns of the world. I am in the process of unlearning the rigidity of my more technical drawing to achieve greater freedom in my mark-making and exploring sculptural forms found in nature.

Artist CV


  • 2001 Alberta College of Art and Design, Bachelor of Design, Calgary, Alberta
  • 2003 University of Calgary, Bachelor of Education, Calgary, Alberta


  • Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC)
  • The Graphic Artists Guild
  • Society of Illustrators


  • (2016) PRAIRIE TIME: Good Earth CafĂ©, Airdrie, Alberta
  • (2016) BABS: The Hair Lounge Airdrie, Alberta
  • (2015) VOGUE: The Hair Lounge Airdrie, Alberta
  • (2011) WE CALL THIS HOME: Art Gallery of Golden, British Columbia


  • (2015) FORTIS ARTWRAPS: Airdrie, AB
  • (2011) TOWN OF GOLDEN BANNERS: Golden, BC
  • (2001) CALGARY WINTERFEST: Calgary, AB