Pink Spot Studios

What we do?

An Airdrie, Alberta based boutique Art and Design company, that creates perceptive, unconventional and transformative artistic materials for niche brands, locally and internationally. Work ranges from large-scale Art installations and portraits to design and illustration portfolios.

What is with that name?

You don’t seem like a pink-polka-dot sorta girl? And they are right… Having worked in branding and design for 15+ years I would like to be able to say that when I opened my business over a decade ago, I had a calculated, conceptual rationale for my brand… but its inception falls somewhere between the fact that I looked good with pink hair, my proclivity for dirty jokes and that my preferred medium was ink. The full creative process was carefully and lovingly constructed on a napkin at the Ship & Anchor but the finer points are now lost on me. I considered re-branding but regardless of its immature beginnings Pink Spot has grown up with me and I’ve grown attached to it.

Living 'in-the-pink'

Pink is not a colour I would say I identify with in the traditional sense. I am not especially feminine or delicate, but I am in love with the idea of ‘pink’. It’s like finding the sweet spot: a blissful state, a retreat. It has a sensual energy, a romantic filter.

Studio(s)... Why plural?

Why don’t you just focus on one thing? Our existences are unique combinations of happenings and circumstances. I’m not sure I could extract one singular thing to focus on indefinitely. Having many outlets to explore the world in a creative way allows me the freedom to fall in love with life over and over again.


I am a creative, intuitive, passionate, hand-talking artist. I am also an often sleep-deprived mom and wife, fuelled by black coffee and the need to keep my rowdy boys alive.

I love a good story, a hearty laugh, a healthy dollop of chilli-pepper chocolate, cluttered thrift stores, rusty salvage yards and my paint splattered leggings. I let my kids make huge messes exploring their world too. I love sincerely and deeply. I often over-share, but feel lucky to have people do the same. I love oddly beautiful things: stuff with soul.

Artist Statement

Most of my art works contain either sentimental fragments from my own life or artifacts from the lives of others.

I channel the energy from those pieces through layers of varied medium. Every piece is unique, a one-off, as the combinations of materials and the execution varies each time - whatever will best draw out that subject. Every story, every moment is complex, it is never a singular event no matter how much it seems so. Each of our experiences go through a filter and memory itself glosses over certain details while cherishing others. The backs of the works often contain hidden secrets, buried desires or dreams, details that are discovered over time.

Since the births of my children, time and memory have become more significant to me. I am increasingly concerned with forgetting or losing things of importance. Children embraced, swaddled, adored. First words spoken, first steps taken, first acts of independence and defiance. Loved ones put to rest. Lives unlived, words unsaid, loves unfulfilled. This new phase in life has also brought with it the opportunity to explore more personal work and I can only assume the gritty nature of my pieces is a reaction to my more polished commercial work. I am in the process of unlearning the rigidity of my more technical drawing to achieve a greater freedom in my mark-making and exploring completely new realms like wearable art. These last few years have been about reconnecting to that life force, a deeply sexual core energy inspired by creation and destruction.

Artist CV


  • Born In: Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
  • Currently Resides: Airdrie, Alberta, Canada


  • 2001 Alberta College of Art and Design, Bachelor of Design, Calgary, Alberta
  • 2003 University of Calgary, Bachelor of Education, Calgary, Alberta


  • Creative Airdrie: Board Member
  • ARTember
  • AIRdirondack Project
  • Canada 150 Mosaic Project
  • Airdrie Art Society
  • Art Attack
  • DesignAThon
  • Kelowna Art Gallery
  • Jayden’s Home
  • Prusik Youth Counseling


  • Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC)
  • The Graphic Artists Guild
  • Society of Illustrators


  • (2017) Trena Laine
  • (2017) Deepak's Dhaba
  • (2016) Northern Beauties
  • (2016) Urban Clean Living
  • (2009-2016) Santé Spa
  • (2012-2016) Meridian Beach
  • (2012-2016) Sheraton
  • (2013-2016) Sprout Concepts
  • (2015-2016) Choice Office Furniture
  • (2013-2015) Erickson Group
  • (2009-2013) Calgary Bridal Guide
  • (2012-2013) Luxe by Calgary Bride
  • (2012-2013) Bear Creek Dental + Broadway Dental
  • (2012-2013) Impello
  • (2008-2010) The Social Page
  • (2007) Fratello Coffee
  • (2005) Calgary Board of Education
  • (2003) Parallel Strategies | University of Calgary
  • (2003) Youth Singers of Calgary
  • (2002) Brown Communications | Excel Homes


  • (2016) PRAIRIE TIME: Good Earth Café, Airdrie, Alberta
  • (2016) BABS: The Hair Lounge Airdrie, Alberta
  • (2015) VOGUE: The Hair Lounge Airdrie, Alberta
  • (2011) WE CALL THIS HOME: Art Gallery of Golden, British Columbia


  • (2017) WESTERN SHOWCASE: Calgary Stampede, Calgary, AB.
  • (2017) SPOTLIGHT: ACAD, Calgary, AB.
  • (2016) RECLAIMED: Airdrie Public Library, Airdrie, AB
  • (2015) AIRDRIE ARTS SOCIETY SHOW: Genesis Place, Airdrie, AB
  • (2015) TD MAYORS NIGHT OF THE ARTS: Bert Church Theatre, Airdrie, AB
  • (2010) 100 AROUND 100: Smith + Co Gallery, Calgary, AB
  • (2009) 100 AROUND 100: Smith + Co Gallery, Calgary, AB
  • (2008) 100 AROUND 100: Smith + Co Gallery, Calgary, AB
  • (2001) THE ILLUSTRATION SHOW: ACAD student run gallery, Calgary, Alberta
  • (2001) GRAD SHOW: Illingworth Kerr, Calgary, Alberta
  • (1997) ART IN ACTION: Kelowna Art Gallery, Kelowna, British Columbia


  • (2015) FORTIS ARTWRAPS: Airdrie, AB
  • (2015) DOODLE WALL (ARTEMBER): Airdrie, AB
  • (2011) TOWN OF GOLDEN BANNERS: Golden, BC
  • (2001) CALGARY WINTERFEST: Calgary, AB


  • (2017) CTV CALGARY (HATS FEATURE): Calgary, AB
  • (2015) AIRDRIE LIFE MAGAZINE: Airdrie, AB
  • (2013) LUXE BY CALGARY BRIDE: Calgary, AB
  • (2012) LUXE BY CALGARY BRIDE: Calgary, AB
  • (2011) SPLASH CALENDAR: Dubai, UAE
  • (2010) CALGARY BRIDAL GUIDE: Calgary, AB